Shortcuts are abbreviations which are used to quickly find policy and help pages. Such pages tend to have long names, which these prefixes effectively work around. These shortcuts are visible in the upper right hand corner of policy and help pages.

Shortcuts are also extremely useful in linking to particular sections of help and policy pages, as can be seen at Tardis:Manual of Style.

Their nomenclature is pretty straightforward:
Thus, the shortcut for Tardis:blocking policy is T:BLOCK, the shortcut for Tardis:vandalism policy is T:VAN, and so on. The choice of shortcut is somewhat arbitrary, but the term should be as short as possible, without losing a clear sense of what the article or section is about. Names should also be chosen with other, similar pages in mind. For instance T:USER would probably not be a good shortcut because there are three different policies that apply to users.

All shortcuts — which is to say all the redirect pages — should be placed in category:shortcuts for easy maintenance.

Here is a temporary list of current shortcuts. The system is still being installed as of 07:17, October 13, 2011 (UTC). When the majority of shortcuts have been posted, this list will be better organised. It now serves mostly as a progress marker to help in the installation process.

Note that this list deliberately strips the pre-pending T: from all these shortcuts. This makes it easier to find prefixes. However all prefixes begin with T:. This, and the fact that every prefix is in ALL CAPS, will virtually eliminate the possibility of accidentally linking somewhere else by mistake.
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