Don't link to the page you're on.

A self link on this page would be [[Tardis:Self links]]. This kind of link is forbidden because it gets in the way of bot maintenance and it adds nothing of value to the page. Moreover, because it automatically creates bold text — as with Tardis:Self links — it makes for an inconsistent appearance of that word or phrase on the page. If you want to embolden something, only use the wiki markup, '''Bold text'''.


  • Contextual self links are naturally created when you make a navigational template that lists a lot of pages. For instance, if you make a template that lists all of the Doctors, a self link to the Fourth Doctor will be created only when you're on the page Fourth Doctor. This kind of self-link is perfectly fine, and even required, because it helps readers navigate more easily.
  • Self links to sections of an article — like [[#Exceptions|Exceptions]] are also extremely helpful to page navigation, especially in longer articles. Exceptions, for instance, links directly to this section of the article.
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