Writing a good user page means walking a fine line between enough information and too much.

When you customise your own user page, you want to make sure you give enough information that lets others in the Tardis community know something about you. But you want to make sure you protect yourself from the creepers out there.

Generally good topics for your user page

We aren't lawyers, so we can't give you any advice that will hold up in court. But it seems to us that the kinds of things that are probably safe to talk about on your user page are:

  • your likes and dislikes in the DWU
  • your work around Wikia
  • your experience with MediaWiki software in general
  • the languages you can write in, since Wikia is primarily a written entity
  • other general things that inform the community of your ability to help the project grow

Things that shouldn't go on your user page

You almost certainly want to be cautious of discussing:

  • your geographic location
  • your age
  • your real name
  • your social security or national identification number
  • information about any accounts you may hold on the internet
  • the name of your employer or school
  • the number and/or names of family members, like brothers and sisters
  • anything else that can be used to quickly identify you

More details from Wikia, Inc.

We recommend that you watch the following video for a more detailed discussion of this important topic, and internet privacy in general. While we feel that the entire video is of value, the most relevant part of it to the creation of user pages begins at 22'27".

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