We call 'em Romana I and Romana II around here — even though that precise way of writing the names isn't found in any narrative. In most cases, you should include the Roman numeral when you're talking about a specific version of the Time Lord.

We've decided to refer to the Romana played by Mary Tamm as "Romana I", the one played by Lalla Ward as "Romana II", and the incarnation depicted in The Shadows of Avalon and other BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures as "Romana III".

As with the Doctor, you should try to indicate which version of Romana you're talking about. It's often better not to pipe switch the Roman numeral away.

We fully recognise that she's never known within a narrative by these names — although the Big Finish Gallifrey series does definitively call Ward's Romana the "second" one and Tamm's the "first".

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