Other wikis allow quotes at the top of articles or sections. We don't.

Quotations are not encyclopedic in and of themselves and therefore should not be used at the top of articles or sections within articles. Quotations can be used within the text body of an article to emphasise a certain point or highlight a certain issue of the article's focus; often a quote can explain things better than we can ourselves.

There are two formats you can use to quote someone. You could simply quote them as would be typically done in a novel. An example of this kind of inline quotation is:

Vicki described Time as "like space, although a dimension of itself, also has dimensions of its own." (TV: The Space Museum)

If you want to give a little more graphical spice to things, you can use {{quote|text|person who said it|source}}.

I'm the DoctorEleventh Doctor [src]

Don't wikify the source; the template will take care of that for you. Also, don't overuse this template. It's best used when a quotation is especially important to the article, and when you need a bit of graphical element on the page.

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