If a thing which is part of a series does not have a universally-used title, then naming should follow our rule for magazine issue naming. That is, make an exact acronym of its title, then add a numeral afterwards.

Very occasionally, you'll encounter things that don't have clear titles. Episodes of factual programmes like Totally Doctor Who or Myth Makers are the most obvious examples.

In such cases, our readership will not have a clear expectation of what to call "series 2, episode 4" of Totally Doctor Who — in part because there is a history in Doctor Who fandom of disagreement over what the terms series and season actually mean. For this reason, we have the opportunity to invent a nomenclature of our own. To maintain consistency with other title-less editions of series — namely, magazine issues — we should therefore make an exact acronym of the overall series name and then add an integer afterwards. Hence, TDW 4 would mean "the fourth episode of Totally Doctor Who". Likewise, TDW 12 would mean, "the twelfth episode", which actually was a part of series 2.

With Myth Makers, this nomenclature isn't sufficient, as there are two ranges — one on VHS and the other on DVD. Thus, the format should be indicated, as in MM VHS 3 and MM DVD 34.

In all cases, the numbering scheme in operation on the global premiere or first edition shall predominate. This is particularly important with Myth Makers, which had a variety of different numbering schemes, depending upon edition.

As with magazine issue titling, this mathematical approach allows for the easier writing of templates and general wiki maintenance.

Those things which cannot easily be named by application of this rule should be referred to The Panopticon for further consideration.

One-word names

Because their one-word names do not admit of a meaningful acronym, Tardisodes are partially exempt from this rule. All pages in the series shall be named "Tardisode", but they, too, shall be appended by a numeral, thus: Tardisode 10. The same shall hold for any future one-word series.

Redirects allowed

This rule does not preclude the addition of redirects for a more reader-friendly name — so long as the redirect is unambiguous. With Myth Makers it would be fine to make a redirect at Victor Pemberton Myth Makers interview or Myth Makers: Victor Pemberton, because there was only one. But Elisabeth Sladen Myth Makers interview would be ambiguous because there are two eiditions of MM VHS 50 — one of them with significantly more information.

That said, redirects are likely to be more trouble than they're worth, since T:ITAL obliges you to italicise Myth Makers and Totally Doctor Who. You'd end up having to type a lot more using the redirect than if you just pipe switched the base page name:

[[Totally Doctor Who series 1, episode 1|''Totally Doctor Who'' series 1, episode 1]]

     is much longer than

[[TDW 1|''Totally Doctor Who'' series 1, episode 1]]

     or the even better

[[TDW 1|first episode of ''Totally Doctor Who'']] 
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