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Use the spelling of actors' names in the credits for story pages, even if the spelling is wrong. Put their actor page at the correct spelling, and create a redirect from one to the other.

Sometimes, the department that makes end credits simply makes mistakes. There are a few cases where they plainly misspell an actor's name. As is the case at pages about behind-the-scenes crew, the solution is relatively straightforward.

  • On the story page, use whatever spelling is actually given in the credits
  • On their actor page, use the spelling present in the majority of their credits throughout their career -- and leave behind a note explaining the mis-crediting.
  • Create a redirect from the misspelling in the credits to the correct name on the actor's page -- but only use that redirect on the story page.
  • On the character page use the correct spelling in the actor variable(s) of the infobox and behind the scenes sections.

Name changes

If it's not a case of misspelling -- but a legal name change -- you should still create redirects from every legal name to the most recent one, which will be the PAGENAME of the actor page. However, character pages should then bear the name that was legal at the time of the story's release.

A known example of this kind of thing comes from behind-the-camera, but it's relevant here. See Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch, and particularly the way her name was linked through the years -- only some of which was misspelt.

Crediting trans people

This policy obviously also extends to trans people, whose stated names and pronouns should be used in all cases, even when originally credited under a deadname[note 1]. In other words, the most recent name and pronouns are always to be used, even when at odds with past credits.

Footnotes may be added, where necessary, simply suggesting that they were credited under a different name at the time. In infoboxes, past credits in which a deadname was originally used should effectively treated as mistaken, in favour of self-designation.


  1. A deadname — name assigned at birth, and since renounced — is not to be used under any circumstances to actually refer to someone who has changed their name to reflect gender identity.

Season pages

Generally, season or series pages contain the names of only the most senior actors, and misspellings of people at this level is virtually unheard of. Any misspellings that might have happened on individual episode pages should be ignored, with preference given to their usual, correct credit.

However, the season page should reflect any legal changes to the actor's name only when it happens. And if it happens midway through a season, then the season page should use both names, as in Actor name 1, later credited as Actor name 2.

For instance, imagine that David Tennant adopted the name David Harumba, starting with The Runaway Bride. In such a case, the page Series 2 (Doctor Who) would use "David Tennant", but Series 3 (Doctor Who) would use the name "David Harumba".

If that change instead happened following 42, then the series page should say:
[[Tenth Doctor|The Doctor]] - [[David Tennant]], later credited as [[David Harumba]].
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