Interlanguage links allow us to link our articles to articles on non-English wikis. Make sure you know how to add them — and that you avoid inadvertently removing them.

Because the use of interlanguage links is relatively straightforward, little instruction is actually needed. However, please keep the following rules in mind:

  1. The administrative staff of Tardis have a couple of criteria to determine if your non-English wiki gets to link with us.
  2. Interlanguage links must be placed at the very bottom of the page, below all ending navboxes. They should go even below the categories.
  3. Links shall be made to the correct page on the corresponding wiki. The following link is useless
    [[ru:Eleventh Doctor]]
    because, of course, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet. The proper link would therefore be
    [[ru:Одиннадцатый Доктор]]
  4. Links can only be made to pages that currently exist. It's a kind of mild vandalism to link to an un-created page in the hopes of encouraging people to start an article. All interlanguage links should give the readers some amount of information in a language other than English.
  5. Interlanguage links shall not be used to connect a user to a non-DWU page — such as, but not limited to, advertisements or pornography — on another wiki.
  6. Valid interlanguage links shall not be removed from a page.


Violators of the first two rules shall be instructed to come into compliance with this policy.

Those who cross rule #3 are subject to blocking on their second and subsequent known offenses. Block length shall be determined by the citing administrator, but it should not generally be necessary to block for longer than 72 hours initially.

Those who cross rule #4 are subject to an immediate blocking on the initial offense on the order of — at a minimumsix months. The blocking administrator has final discretion, and is certainly empowered to initiate an infinite block for the initial offense, depending on the nature of the page at the end of the interlanguage link.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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