This is a guide to some of the questions to consider and elements looked for in potential admins on the Tardis Data Core. This page is meant only as a guide to some of the things that are looked for in potential administrators.

Ways to involve yourself in administrator tasks

You don't need to be an administrator to involve yourself in tasks performed by many of the admins.

  • Tardis:To Do List - This page has links to various categories and Special pages that cover maintenance of the wiki and articles needing improvement.
  • Using the {{proposed deletion}} to mark articles for deletion and giving reasoning for doing so.
  • Use of the "Undo" function to simply remove vandalism.

Some questions to consider

  • Why do you want to become an administrator?
(Other than for use of; Block, Delete and Protect tools)
  • Which articles/major edits do you believe show case your creative skills?
  • Which articles and/or edits are you most proud of?

Further questions

  • Do you have a good breadth of knowledge/understanding of the Doctor Who universe in order to accurately administrate this wiki? Recognising an error and correcting it, or addressing a series of errors with a user would depend on this. (Do you have examples of this in your edit history?)
  • Have you read and understood our Polices and Tardis Manual?
  • Do you believe you have requisite knowledge to make spelling and grammar corrections to articles? Do your edits show this?

Other things that are looked for in possible admins

  • Strong edit history with plenty of material contributions to the Tardis Data Core articles.
  • Varied experience. Contributions throughout the Tardis Data Core, not just in one field or article format.
  • User interaction. Evidence of you talking to other users, on article talk and user talk pages. These interactions need to be helpful and polite.
  • Engagement in discussion in the forums and on talk pages concerning issues of editing or the wiki in general.
  • Trustworthiness. General reliability as evidence that you would use administrator rights carefully to avoid irreversible damage, especially in the stressful situations that can arise more frequently for administrators.
  • Helping with chores. Evidence that you are already engaging in administrator-like work.
  • High quality of articles. Adhering to the Manual of Style. Using the correctly layout and style established on other similar pages. Maintaining an in and out of universe separation in articles.
  • Observing consensus. A track record of working within policy, showing an understanding of consensus.
  • Edit summaries. Constructive and frequent use of edit summaries. Often useful for other contributors when viewing several edits.

Other things to consider

  • Your request to become and administrator may result in your past record coming under scrutiny and any questionable actions can lead to intense open discussion. If you aren't experienced in handling conflicts, this can be distressing. On the other hand, you can take the experience as an opportunity to measure your skills in conflict resolution.
  • Administrator status is not a trophy. Editors who regard being an administrator as an affirmation of their contributions as an editor or an award for good editing or other good service will generally be disappointed. Administrator status does not place you in an elevated status within the Tardis Data Core. Since many editors believe administrators should follow a more strict code of conduct than the average user, the opposite may occur. Every good-faith editor, from the newest editor to the most experienced bureaucrat, has the same status within Tardis Data Core. You will not gain respect simply by being an administrator. Adminship is, in essence, janitorial duties for Tardis Data Core
  • Requesting administrator status just for the ability to block IPs/users or to delete pages should not be your only reason for requesting adminship.

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