Welcome to the Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki! We have have several help pages to help you with various tasks on this wiki. See also Fandom Help; many of the answers provided there are also applicable to this wiki site.

Getting started

The following are tutorials on some of the most basic aspects of editing articles of wiki editing in general:

Going deeper

These tutorials examine some more advanced topics, with special emphasis on things specific to this particular wiki. All editors, regardless of their familiarity with wiki editing, are encouraged to read these articles.

Policies, guidelines and information for contributors

If you're going to edit here — and we hope that you do! — you need to understand the formatting rules and guidelines we've stablished. These rules may be fiddly, but they greatly help the site have a uniform and more professional look. One of your first stops as an editor should be our Manual of Style, followed swiftly by a visit to our layout guides.

Information for contributors

Nominations pages

Some features of the site — typically elements seen on the front page are put up for specicfic discussion at one of several nominations pages. Here's a list of them, so you can get in on the conversation!

Help pages


Index lists

Fora (or, if you like, forums)

Spoiler free

  • Reference Desk - Question-and-answer forum about narrative or behind-the-scenes elements. Our version of the Doctor Who Answers wiki.
  • Panopticon - Policy and procedure relating to the maintenance and development of the Tardis Data Core, the Doctor Who Wiki.
  • Discontinuity index - A collection of discussions specifically related to the discontinuous narrative elements in individual stories. Got a plot hole? This is the place for you.

Spoilers allowed