Spoilers are precisely defined here. Rules vary by the story's medium. Info from television stories can't be added here until after the top or bottom of the hour, British time, closest to the end credits roll on BBC One. Therefore, fans in the Americas who are sensitive to spoilers should avoid Tardis on Sundays until they've seen the episode.



The image in the top right corner of the page header was chosen on the day FANDOM switched over to the new header. Currently, it's an image of the RTD-era TARDIS.

We're talking about the image on the right, here. Note that your image must not make any of letters or images at the far right materially harder to read.

There was no opportunity then to have a community decision on the matter, but the need to choose something quickly was never imagined as a permanent switch. In fact, it's entirely likely that we will change images over time.

This page exists to give you an orderly place to add your contributions to the process.

So that admin can directly take your image and put it into the header, images must be:

  • black and white
  • exactly 471px wide by 115px tall
  • not an image of your image within the header. All we want is the raw, 471px by 115px header.
  • Doctor Who-related (nothing to do with spin-offs, since all are cancelled at this point)
  • possessed of relatively negative space at the top right, so that the page tally and icons are not materially obscured
  • can be either .png or .jpg
  • must be no more than 300kb in total size (a good, free resource for compressing images is http://tinypng.com)
  • licensed with {{problem report image}}, which is seen allllll the way at the bottom of the licensing drop-down at Special:Upload as "image of a technical problem on this wiki"

Please limit yourself to the one gallery that has been provided below. Please do not "whittle down" from this gallery to the next, as all images might be potentially used in the future -- so long as they all adhere to the above requirements.

Also, note that while the current image is of a TARDIS interior, there is no requirement that other suggestions should also be so. You are at complete liberty to draw from the whole history of Doctor Who. Note, too, that smaller transparent images can be quite cool. Some of the required 471px width can be transparent, giving you the ability to precisely control your positioning. See, for example, w:c:tick.


Edit this section to add your image diectly beneath the latest one in this list. Your caption should be the name of the file, including extension. So if there were already two images in this gallery, I would add my image by typing:


Admin use of this page[]

Admin calendars have been set to check this page on the 15th of every month, beginning 15 Aug 2017. We'll look at any new contributions at that time and determine whether any meet the criteria for selection. Once enough images have been accepted, and a "waiting list" is required, we'll prioritise the images for changeout, most likely on a first-come-first-served basis.

Admin reserve the right to change the images at any time, based upon current DWU releases.

Not a discussion[]

This is not a discussion page. As long as your image fits the requirements, it'll probably be featured. Since it'll likely be replaced after a month, there's no need for elaborate justification for why yours is better than someone else's. Instead, please put your efforts into creating new images that can be featured sometime down the road.