For clarity, it's important for us to all be on the same page when we speak of things at Fandom.

In late 2016, the Fandom brand was born. At the same time, a number of subtle changes happened to the nomenclature of various things we talk about on a regular basis. To avoid confusing our fellow users, it's important to use our words to indicate the same things. Here, then, is a list of common terms used to speak of things here at Fandom.

Term Meaning Better term
Wikia The parent company of Fandom Generally, using "Fandom" is clearer than "Wikia" when speaking about the company, because it's less ambiguous.
Wikia The skin (page design) that you're looking at right now It's clearer to use the term "Oasis" when you intend to talk about the skin, as that has no other meaning on this network
wikia Though this sometimes, in some languages, was used to mean "wiki" in the past, it has no real meaning. If you mean to talk about the community, either use the lower-cased "community" or "wiki" instead Base domain for all Fandom wikis This is rarely needed in conversations, as it's understood all Fandom traffic happens on, hence the slogan, "Fandom powered by Wikia"
Tardis Wikia Though never correct, some users who primarily edited elsewhere on the Fandom network may have used it to name this wiki Please don't use this term; we've never been called this. Either just "Tardis" or "Tardis wiki" (note the lower case) or "Tardis Data Core", please.

Admin may need to run bot sweeps to make sure that older writings conform to the new standards. One has already been performed in the Tardis namespace and in the policy category. It's possible, but by no means certain, that forum areas will have to be scrubbed, as well.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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