Duplicate images are those images which are precise duplicates. This page lists all such examples, if there are any. It is dynamic, so you won't necessarily see the same list every time you view this page. It will take several minutes for the list to be fully created; there is a direct relationship between the time it takes for the list to be generated and the total number of photos on the wiki.

List of duplicate photos Edit

In the following list, the duplicates are underneath the one listed in ALL-CAPS. Consider the following example:

Hello there.jpg

Here, "Hello there.jpg" is a duplicate of "Hello.jpg". The all-caps HELLO.JPG is not necessarily the way the file is actually stored on the wiki; it's just a stylistic rendering for this page. Note that the software is not necessarily saying that Hello.jpg is the preferred version of the file, since they're duplicates. It's just arbitrarily selected to be first on the list.

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