If the mobile version of a page is different than the desktop, Oasis version, there's probably nothing we at Tardis can do about it. So go with what you see on the desktop, in the Oasis/Wikia skin.

When you're discussing a page with other users, it's important that you all be working off the same version of the page. This means that discussions should generally be about the desktop version of the page, using whatever skin is Fandom's preferred skin at the time of the discussion.

Due to differences in code, some parts of a page may appear to be different on a phone or an older skin, like Monobook. In such cases, the desktop, Oasis version controls.

The only exceptions are discussions which are specifically about the way the page looks in Monobook, or on a device that is displayed through Fandom's current mobile framework.

Users should understand, however, that Tardis admin may not be able to effect change in non-desktop, non-Oasis page views. Many discussions that begin with, "I wish the mobile skin could look like <this>," will inevitably be answered in the negative. Equally, threads starting with, "I wish <this> feature were available in Monobook," may well be met with, "That Fandom feature is not available in Monobook."

If threads of this kind get quickly closed, please do not take it personally.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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