Crew lists should use precisely the names credited on the transmitted version of episode in question.

As with names of actors that might be misspelled, or have legally changed, behind-camera creatives might have similar crediting issues. While the text at T:ACTOR applies to all people who help create DWU material, in any media, there are a couple of points about crediting that are especially relevant to behind-camera personnel.

We have to create multiple redirects to some individuals, as in the case of Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch, who has been credited a variety of different ways during her tenure on Doctor Who. Below the line crew members often are victims of typos, or are more inclined to change their names upon marriage, than above the line personnel. Thus we need to make an effort to include their names exactly as credited, and sort out the discrepancies with redirects.

Likewise, some individuals have professional qualifications after their name. These qualifications, whether they be CDG, MD, BSC, ASC or whatever, should follow their name. It's perfectly acceptable to make a redirect to the un-qualified name so as to make linking easier. For instance, Andy Pryor CDG links to Andy Pryor. The acronym should be punctuated precisely as it is in the credits. For instance, on Escape to LA, John Frank Levey, CSA, but Hunter M. Via, A.C.E.. Meanwhile, Ernie Vincze was regularly credited as Ernie Vincze BSC, no commas, no full stops.

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