According to our community's image use policy, all pictures must have an appropriate copyright tag affixed. Pictures that are not in possession of such a tag are subject to immediate deletion by automatic process.

The easiest way to place these tags on pages is to use Special:Upload or Special:MultipleUpload, and then pull down the licensing menu at the bottom of the page to the appropriate tag.

You can also place the tag later by manually editing the file page — for instance, File:Lab Rat.jpg — and entering the name of the tag enclosed in curly braces.

For instance, the template name for BBC screenshots is: Template:Screenshot. Thus, the way to get that license to show up on the page is to edit the file page to place the following on it:


The following, then, are the names of templates which should be put into curly braces in order to add them manually to pictures that have already been uploaded:

Again, if you wanted to put the tag for an SFX cover, you'd type {{SFX cover}}. If you wanted the one for illustrations inside Doctor Who Magazine, you'd type {{DWM illustration}}. And so forth.

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