In most cases, you should title an article with the first and last name of a character. But you should use the last name by which the character was most often known. This means that married names should usually be avoided when titling articles.

By forum consensus, the titles of articles about individual characters should be the name by which the character was most commonly known in the Doctor Who universe. If a full name is provided, though is not generally used, the body text of the article itself should start with it. For example, the article should be named "Amy Pond", but should begin with:

"Amelia Jessica Pond, more commonly called Amy Pond, was a companion of ..."

Multiple forum and talk page discussions agree that characters who get married do not generally have their articles renamed to assume the last name of their spouse. The clearest example of this is Gwen Cooper, who's never seriously referred to as "Gwen Williams". But it also applies to Amy Pond, especially since an explicit joke is made about the matter in the script of The Big Bang. Similarly, although Katy Manning's character is credited as Jo Jones in TV: Death of the Doctor, she had many more appearances as Jo Grant, so that is what her article is titled. The same applies to Donna Temple-Noble, whose article is at Donna Noble. However, we encourage editors to use common sense; there may be exceptions to this general rule, which should be discussed and dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

In Thread:231243, regarding character names as given in novelisations, it was decided thus:

"The point of naming an article is to make it easily discoverable by casual readers of our site. Easily-provable statistics — the total print run of the Doctor Who (1996) novelisation versus the viewing figures for the televised event, and sales of home media thereafter — mean that to most people trying to use the site, the character's name is just Miranda. Miranda Gerhardt would be entirely confusing. In the case of naming articles, we need to go with what makes it easiest for the greatest number of people. While I appreciate the T:NPOV argument, naming articles is and must be done with respect to the convenience of the greatest number of people. We can't be so media-neutral that we then make it hard for people to find the article. And indeed, it's better for accuracy if we put article at the name given in the widest-reaching version of the story — Miranda (Doctor Who) — and then in the lead, give her full name and indicate from where that full name comes. Finally since there has never been an objection to using redirects from the name arising from novelisations — as the existence of Miranda Gerhardt proves — there is an acceptable technical remedy that gives those more familiar with another medium a way to find the article."
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