Story pages

As confirmed by forum discussion, cast lists shall give the name of the character, as listed in the credits seen on first transmission of an episode.

The character name shall be displayed exactly as in those credits, and in the order seen on original transmission. Thus, if characters are credited with only a first name, only that name should appear in the credits, linked by pipe trick to the full article name. For example, in the credits for The Hungry Earth, the character of Mo Northover shall be rendered thus:

[[Mo Northover|Mo]]

Any actors credited on subsequent transmission, or in home video releases, that were not originally credited shall be placed in a special subsection which alerts viewers to that fact.

For audio stories, cast lists should ideally be taken from the back cover of the casing, of the original physical release, again, exactly as listed. For audio box sets, which typically list credits for all stories together, the preferred credits for individual stories are the credits recorded by a cast member at the end of each story (if present).

Season/series pages

As confirmed in a forum discussion, cast lists on season and series pages can have a maximum two subsections. These subsections can only be called recurring and guest. For example, note this abbreviated code taken from Series 6:

== Cast ==
* [[Eleventh Doctor|The Doctor]] - [[Matt Smith]]
* [[Amy Pond]] - [[Karen Gillan]], [[Caitlin Blackwood]]
* [[Rory Williams]] - [[Arthur Darvill]], [[Ezekiel Wigglesworth]]
* [[Kovarian|Madame Kovarian]] - [[Frances Barber]]
=== Recurring ===
* [[River Song]] - [[Alex Kingston]], [[Sydney Wade]], [[Nina Toussaint-White]], [[Maya Glace-Green]]
* [[Canton Everett Delaware III]] - [[Mark Sheppard]], [[William Morgan Sheppard]]
* [[Silent]]s - [[Marnix Van Den Broeke]]
* [[Vastra|Madame Vastra]] - [[Neve McIntosh]]
=== Guest ===
* [[Kazran Sardick]] - [[Michael Gambon]], [[Laurence Belcher]], [[Danny Horn]]
* [[Abigail Pettigrew]] - [[Katherine Jenkins]]
* [[Idris]] - [[Suranne Jones]]
* [[House (The Doctor's Wife)|House]] - [[Michael Sheen]]
  • Characters who appear in the majority of episodes of the season/series, or whose actors' names appear before the titles, shall be listed in the main section labelled cast -- above any subsections.
  • Characters that appear in more than one episode are "recurring", unless all episodes are part of the same story.
  • Characters that appear in only one story of the season/series are "guest". Don't give every single guest star of the season. Instead, give the more significant ones only.
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