Don't invent a nomenclature for astronomical objects. Use whatever the text of a story offers, even if this means that some planets will have Roman numerals and others will have Arabic.

Some authors use Roman numerals when naming astronomical objects: Metebelis III, Gorgol XIII, Minyos II, Gallifrey XII. Others use Arabic numerals: 4-X-Alpha-4, Star system 690, Nebulax 4, Algol 7. Still others use the English word for a numeral: Gallifraxion Four, Boojus Five, Beta Two. A few even use multiple numbering systems: 16 Alpha Leonis One.

According to an early forum ruling, editors should make no attempt to invent a standard nomenclature. Rather, they should use whatever numbering system the author used. In the case of performed stories, where no novelisation or published scripts exist, editors are freer to use their best judgment. For this reason there has occasionally been some redirection between the different numbering systems, as with Arcateen V and Arcateen 5. Initially only spoken aloud, Arcateen 5 was moved to Arcateen V after REF: The Torchwood Archives established the usage of Roman numerals.

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