Doctor Tarak Ital M.D., was a Pakistani astronaut and a member of the crew of Bowie Base One.

Biography Edit

Born in Karachi in 2026, Ital was originally interested in athletics, and went on to represent Pakistan in the 2044 Olympics in Havana, Cuba. Despite winning a gold medal, he quit athletics and went into medicine instead, first studying locally and then at Harvard University, though many Pakistanis believed he was turning his back on the country. He began focusing on space medicine. While at the Johnson Space Centre, he befriended Yuri Kerenski, and recommended him as base nurse for Bowie Base One.

In 2059, he was surprised when the Tenth Doctor came to the base as there was no way of getting there. He later assisted the Doctor and Adelaide Brooke in heading to the base's bio-dome after there was some unknown attack. He searched on his own for crew member Andy Stone, only to be infected. He joined Andy in spreading the infection into the base's control hub.

His body was destroyed when Adelaide set the base to self-destruct. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Behind the scenes Edit

The details of his pre-Bowie Base career can be briefly seen in his obituary.