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Tarak Ital MD (2026-21 November 2059) was a Pakistani astronaut and a member of the crew of Bowie Base One.


Early life and career[]

Born in Karachi in 2026, Tarak was originally interested in athletics. He spent much of his childhood and adolescence in training for both sprinting and high jump disciplines. He went on to compete in the 2044 Olympics in Havana, Cuba, where he represented Pakistan in the 400 metres, for which he obtained a gold medal.

Despite his achievements, Tarak quit athletics prior to the Paris 2048 Olympics and chose to study medicine at Aga Khan University in Karachi. He received an often venomous reaction from the Pakistani people, who felt that he had turned his back on his country. This was exacerbated when he chose to continue his studies through an elective at Harvard University, where he focused on space medicine. He moved on to Johnson Space Centre, where he joined the Space Radiation Health Research department. It was there where he befriended Yuri Kerenski, and recommended him as base nurse for Bowie Base One.

Colony on Mars[]

In 2059, he was surprised when the Tenth Doctor came to the base as there was no way of getting there. He later assisted the Doctor and Adelaide Brooke in heading to the base's bio-dome after there was some unknown attack. He searched on his own for crew member Andy Stone, only to be infected.

Infected by the Flood[]

He joined Andy in spreading the infection into the base's control hub. After Steffi Ehrlich and Roman Groom were infected by the Flood, Tarak and the other infected personnel went to the glacier, and screamed in order to crack the ice. Tarak and the other infected personnel were killed when Adelaide blew up the entire base. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

Behind the scenes[]

The details of his pre-Bowie Base career can be briefly seen in his obituary.