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Tara Mishra was a companion of the Ninth Doctor.


Tara was born in Sri Lanka. (PROSE: Christmas Special)

Before joining UNIT, she was a nurse. (COMIC: Official Secrets)

Tara fought with UNIT against the Cybermen in Halifax, and learned that they had a weakness to gold. (COMIC: The Bidding War)

She met the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack in Blaise Castle. She later revealed herself to be a member of UNIT.

When Albion Defense, a competing anti-alien organisation, attempted to stage a series of attacks with telepathically-created monsters to create the impression that UNIT were incompetent so that they could take over Earth's anti-alien defence for themselves, Tara sacrificed her career to protect UNIT by appearing on a talk show and claiming that she was a member of Albion Defence to expose their crimes.

According to Tara's story the "monsters" were the result of hallucinogenic drugs introduced into the water supply with the resultant damage being explained as the result of a series of controlled explosions. As proof, she produced covert footage of Albion's director Jasper Corrigan ordering the attacks, carefully edited to conceal the real method.

Tara later sneaked aboard the Doctor's TARDIS, and greeted the Doctor, Rose and Jack. She then joined them on their next adventure. (COMIC: Official Secrets)

The Doctor concocted a plan to have himself arrested for Tara's murder. Tara herself was alive and well. Her part of the plan was to free the Doctor from his imprisonment in the Hesguard Institute. (COMIC: Sin-Eaters)

After a few adventures in the TARDIS, the crew were brought off course to the site of a chat show hosted by Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen. (PROSE: Christmas Special)

After the Doctor defeated the Cybermen when they planned to steal his memories, Tara decided to remain behind on Nomicae to help the people affected by the attack. (COMIC: The Bidding War)

The Doctor sent Jack to pick Tara up and meet back with him and Rose in 1886, but the two ended up on Sultath when energy from a white hole interfered with Jack's vortex manipulator. Despite intervention from the Doctor's future daughter, the two were sucked into the white hole, ending up in the Void alongside the Doctor's other incarnations. After the Type 1 TARDIS causing the Void to devour the universe was settled, Tara and Jack found themselves on a planet that looked like Skaro. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)


While recounting an event in the Ninth Doctor's life to Bill Potts, the Twelfth Doctor clarified that it was "before Tara". (COMIC: The Promise)

When Jenny mentioned Tara to the Twelfth Doctor, he responded that it was "a name [he hadn't] heard in a very long time". (COMIC: The Lost Dimension)