Taphony was a Time Blank created by the Department in their attempts at time travel. They moulded the continuum into her image.

When she proved to be too powerful, they imprisoned her in a virtual reality detention facility. She was released by Professor Alistair Gryffen, who had a hand in her creation, and escaped to Gryffen Manor. She befriended Starkey, Darius Pike and Jorjie Turner, but needed Jorjie's life force to sustain her existence in normal time; she also rapidly aged Gryffen for his role in her imprisonment. Although she wanted to stay on Earth, she was finally convinced by her friends that she had to leave, and departed through the Space-Time Manipulator into another dimension. This reversed time to the point where Gryffen first released her, although K9 (being a time traveller himself) retained his memories of her. (TV: Taphony and the Time Loop)

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