Tanya Webster was a geologist employed by the Webster Corporation. Although she believed herself an orphan, the niece of Leo Webster and the cousin of Paul Webster, she was in fact a human/Ice Warrior hybrid, created from DNA found on Mars.

In the early 21st century, Tanya was a member of the Ares One mission to Mars. She arrived at the planet's surface in the Argosy along with Commander Lee Forbes, Susan Roberts and Paul Webster. While there she learned her true origins from Paul, and that she was only brought along since her Martian ancestry meant she possessed instinctive knowledge of Martian culture and technology, such as when she was forced to drive a Martian tank to enable Paul's getaway. After the mission was completed, Tanya announced that she would stay on Mars to act as Earth's first ambassador to the Ice Warriors. (AUDIO: Red Dawn)

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