Tanganyika was a nation in Central West Africa. The country possessed vast mineral wealth. It was covered mostly by thick jungle and its population was widely dispersed.

In 1859, the Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard visited Tanganyika in the hope of meeting the Victorian explorer Pieter Mon Marchè. (AUDIO: The Man Who Wasn't There)

In 1989, there was an ebola virus outbreak in Tanganyika.

In 2013, general Theodoru took control over the country in an army coup, replacing a previous dictator with himself. In 2014, with his help, the Sentinels of the New Dawn intended to cause an ebola epidemic to take power. (AUDIO: The Sentinels of the New Dawn)

Behind the scenes Edit

In the real world, the independent Republic of Tanganyika existed only between 1962 and 1964, after which it became part of Tanzania. It was also located in East Africa, rather than West as in the Doctor Who universe.

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