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{{first pic|Tandocca Scale.jpg|The Tandocca Scale ([[TV]]: ''[[The Stolen Earth (TV story)|The Stolen Earth]]'')}}
[[Image:Tandoka Scale.jpg|thumb|right|250px|The Tandoka Scale as used by the migrant Bees escaping the [[Medusa Cascade]].]]
According to the [[Tenth Doctor]], the '''Tandocca Scale''' was a "series of [[wavelength]]s used as a carrier signal by [[Migrant Bee]]s" that helped explain why the bees had disappeared from early [[21st century]] [[Earth]]. He went on to tell [[Donna Noble]] that the wavelengths were "infinitely small... like looking for a speck of [[cinnamon]] in the [[Sahara Desert|Sahara]]." The Doctor's discovery of the Tandocca Scale allowed him to see a "Tandocca trail" — a path by which [[Earth]] and 26 other celestial bodies had been moved by [[Davros]] and the [[Dalek]]s into the [[Medusa Cascade]]. He was then able to use that trail to pilot [[the TARDIS]] back to the "stolen" [[Earth]]. ([[TV]]: ''[[The Stolen Earth (TV story)|The Stolen Earth]]'')
== Behind the scenes ==
'''The Tandoka Scale''' is a scale used by migrant [[Bee (race)|Bees]] from [[Melissa Majoria]] as carrier signals.
* Though never seen in the episode, the spelling of ''Tandocca Scale'' is used in the online script of ''[[The Stolen Earth (TV story)|The Stolen Earth]]''.
[[Category:Energy and radiation]]
When the [[Earth]] was stolen, they used the Tandoka Scale to travel home. [[Tenth Doctor|The Doctor]] was able to trace the signals and take the [[The Doctor's TARDIS|TARDIS]] to the [[Medusa Cascade]]. ([[DW]]: ''[[The Stolen Earth]]'')
[[Category:Transport technology]]
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