Tamworth was Minister for the Air at the time of the launch of the R101 on 4 October 1930.

Tamworth served in Mauritius, the Boer War, Serbia, Bucharest and during the invasion of Romania. He witnessed the capture of Jericho and following the conflict, was part of the delegation at Versailles. Tamworth aspired to become the Viceroy of India.

He had improvements made to the airship so that he could return the Triskele Engineer Prime back to her people. On discovering the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard, he thought that they were German spies for the German airship programme.

After Peter Rathbone killed the Triskele Lawgiver, Tamworth elected to stay behind and become the new Lawgiver to stop the Uncreators from destroying the Engineers. His first act as Lawgiver was to declare that there was no longer any law binding the actions of the Triskele, and that he could offer only his advice to help them work towards a better future. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)

Charley's father Lord Richard Pollard spent years researching the R101 and could name everyone onboard from Lord Tamworth to "the lowliest cabin boy." Several letters mentioned a rendezvous with a foreign power but he was never able to get to the bottom of it. (AUDIO: The Fall of the House of Pollard)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Tamworth's equivalent in the real-life R101 disaster was Lord Christopher Thomson, the Secretary of State for Air at the time. He died in the crash.
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