Born May 1970, Tamara King would go on to become the wife of Albert Wilson and mother of Conall Lethbridge-Stewart, Nick and Lucy Wilson. Her father was Sam King, and her mother a woman called Delilah. (PROSE: The Enfolded Time, Lucy Wilson) Due to the Barbadian origins of her father's family, she had long curly hair like her daughter. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence)

Circa 2000, Tamara spent Christmas with Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and her family. (PROSE: The Two Brigadiers)

In 2017, Tamara moved with her family to Ogmore-by-Sea, after Albert got a new job. (PROSE: Avatars of the Intelligence) Lucy took her mother to the circus. Tamara watched Lucy enter the Clown's blue box, unaware that it made her daughter disappear, replacing her with a copy. (PROSE: Curse of the Mirror Clowns)

In May 2018, Tamara drove Lucy and Hobo to Bledoe, unaware that Lucy's grandfather was occupying the body of Hobo. Lucy and Hobo went missing for ten hours after they travelling back in time to 1937. Tamara had called the police during this time, and was overjoyed when they returned unharmed. (PROSE: Lucy Wilson and the Bledoe Cadets)

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