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I've put a rename template on this page suggesting that it be renamed War in Heaven. My reasons why:

  • "The War" is kind of a terrible name. Yes, characters in the Faction Paradox series call it "the War" all the time, but that's just because the series is set during the conflict: people alive during WWI called it "the War" as well. It's bland, and it's non-specific. Even back in 2007, when this wiki was young as a baby, everyone agreed "The War" couldn't stay.
  • Back then, the community decided to rename the page Second War in Heaven. But as I've spelled out in The War#Naming, "Second War in Heaven" actually isn't a title that's ever been applied to this conflict.
  • In contrast, the title "War in Heaven" dates back to the conflict's introduction in Alien Bodies, and it's been used a plethora of times in the Faction Paradox series since then: the first audio; both comics; all the MNP books save one, plus mentions in the little "The Story So Far" sections; the only Random Static novel; the most recent FP release; and even one Iris Wildthyme short story. It's entirely possible that I'm even missing some.
  • As a matter of fact, whenever an uninvolved party refers to the conflict, "War in Heaven" is consistently the name they use. The current intro does a great job explaining why most people call it "the War" as well as why the page should really be named "War in Heaven".

If we were to rename the page in this way – and I definitely think we should – Category:The War and all its subcategories would also need to be renamed. I'm hoping that one of our delightful bot-friendly mods will be able to help us out with that. But yeah. Just throwing this out here on the talk page, in the hopes that an admin will see it and agree. – N8 21:27, April 8, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, I'm supportive of renaming it to "War in Heaven". It's a common name for it in the series and its way easier to find when people navigate the wiki. Besides with all this "First War in Heaven" stuff, we have Eternal War as an in-universe name for the Vampire Wars, so we're not confusing anybody by using the War's title as given in the actual series that depicts it. --Revan\Talk 07:01, July 18, 2018 (UTC)

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