A novella, not a novelEdit

Otherwise they wouldn't call them "Telos Novellas". -- to me 19:19, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

You've kinda got that reversed. They're called "novellas" by Target for marketing purposes, not as a statement of verifiable fact. The problem is that "novella" is a comparatively vague term. It is easier, as a matter of policy, to simply call everything which is published in a standalone way a "novel". This allows us to skip over debates on every single range. DW fiction is published at a dizzying array of page counts. If we were to use the term (novella) for these books, we'd have to reconsider the use of (novel) elsewhere — particularly since, in terms of word count, these books aren't all that far off from the current range of PROSEs.
The bit between the parentheses, (novel), is a disambiguation term anyway. It's not a statement of absolute fact. It's a way to group things that have similar qualities into a single group, so that users and bots alike can make sense of them.
czechout@fandom   19:28: Mon 09 Apr 2012 

Removed speculative chronology Edit

I've removed the following from the "Continuity" section:

As far as I can tell, this is just speculation. In the novella, Susan does say that the Doctor "claimed an uneventful trip, but I later checked the log and saw he needed five goes to get there, hopping around the solar system and the centuries, and more than a dozen shots to get back to Foreman's Yard an instant after departure." Certainly one could place some solo First Doctor stories in this gap, but there's nothing to say that these stories take place there. Putting the TV Comic stories in this gap is especially odd, considering that John Brent and Gillian Roberts are outside the TARDIS when the Doctor departs, and the TV Comic stories feature their much younger and more innocent namesakes.

For what little it's worth (which is not enough to merit a mention on the article page), the Doctor Who Reference Guide places the TV Comic strips in a gap near the end of The War Machines, on the grounds that the Doctor recognizes the planet Vortis when he visits it with John and Gillian. —Josiah Rowe 04:40, January 29, 2013 (UTC)

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