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When I encountered it, article contained:

Tim Quinn writes in 2010: I love the 'fact' above that Dicky and I answered the letters to Doctor Who Magazine. The sad reality is that neither he or I have answered any letters from anybody anywhere ever. But we did do some FAB strips for Marvel and various UK and US comics and mags down the years including our 'Doctor Who?' loony cartoonies.
Dicky Howett adds, yes, the mind blowing 'factual' internet. What would we do with out it?

First of all, there's no citation here. Where does Quinn write this? We don't know. Secondly, why should we care? Easier to just remove the "above" fact than to print an unsourced rebuttal. More to the point, we're pretty much bound by wikia (not Tardis, wikia) policy to avoid printing falsehoods about living persons. So we have to remove known bad info about real people, not just print an opposing view.
czechout@fandom   16:07:10 Sat 16 Apr 2011 

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