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Perhaps this page should be renamed Alpha (comic story). The Lost Dimension is a very different event to what Titan's previously done. If you look at the material at the back of the issue this comic came in you might see what I mean. (Not to give it support, but the current "plot summary" section for this page will also give you an indication) I believe it would be a bit of a mess to cover all of this event on one page. And so I figured I needed to be proactive about it before this event got into high-gear. We were allowed to acknowledge that The Pilot (TV story) wasn't a standalone story when it was first released, so I don't see what would make this any different.

Last year, when we had stories with titles like

Supremacy of the Cybermen
Prologue: The Eighth Doctor

which had different artists than Supremacy of the Cybermen (comic story), we gave them separate pages. This year there is no SOTC 1, SOTC 2, SOTC 3, etc. Supremacy of the Cybermen had the same writers, artists, ane colourist for each issue. But The Lost Dimension... it's a whole new format not too dissimilar to those SOTC prologues (well, issues of this will hopefully be longer than those prologues). In an interview about this issue, Alpha, George Mann and Cavan Scott have made it clear that they are not writing every issue in the event. Here's the interview, I warn you that there are spoilers about the production of future stories in this event. CoT ? 16:33, September 2, 2017 (UTC)

I think there's a good argument either way. On one hand, the cover of the comics clearly give each issue a unique-ish name (Alpha, Ninth Doctor Special, Special #1, Omega etc.) On the other hand, the inside cover says "Part One of Eight," leading to a good argument that this is one story and should have one single page.
There is another complication as well: Special #1 (and #2?) will have three separate stories, featuring the 4th Doctor, River, and Jenny. So I propose a compromise: Keep this page and make it like the Prisoners of Time page. Prisoners of Time is very similar in structure to The Lost Dimension, as it has issues with multiple Doctor and issues with only one Doctor all in a linked story that's too big for one page.
So here's my full idea:
1) Keep this page and convert it to be like the chart on Prisoners of Time without narrative info.
2) Have a separate page for each issue with the narrative info, so like Unnatural Selection (comic story) we would have Alpha (comic story).
3) Have another page for the info on each issue's contents and credits, so like POT 1 (and SOTC 1) we would have TLD 1.
(btw I haven't even gotten to read issue one yet lol. Just going off the previews.) LegoK9 20:20, September 2, 2017 (UTC)
This new issue only strengthens my belief that each issue should have their own page. Not only did the Ninth Doctor special have some different people working on it than the Alpha, but it also had a fairly standalone story which had minimal connections with the Alpha. At this time, I'm thinking that perhaps the stories should maybe be covered like Faithful Friends: Part 1 (short story), with The Lost Dimension: Part 1 (comic story), etc. (Perhaps those Supremacy of the Cybermen prologues should get the same treatment.)
It's somewhat of a Prisoners of Time situation, except PoT had the same writers for every issue. The Lost Dimension is the name of the series, yes, but so is Children of Earth. Even Children of Earth had cliffhangers which led into the next story in the series.
One final thing, I'd cover the series as a whole at The Lost Dimension Event. CoT ? 18:00, September 7, 2017 (UTC)
It does seem clear that we need separate pages with this story, especially as part 3, 4, and 6 are numbered issue from 10 (3.09), 11 (3.10) and 12's (3.08) ongoing series. Also, here's another big complication: Part 3 is the Tenth Doctor issue 3.09, which will also be the fourth part of Vortex Butterflies! What do we do about that?! Do we keep this all as one article, or do we make a separate page, or do we just link to the Vortex Butterflies page? (The latter sounds the most logical, but we may have to see it when it comes out.)
I still like my idea of modeling it on the Prisoners of Time page. I'm still not sure what to call each issue. I like personally like this (akin to the aforementioned Children of Earth):
They are a bit cumbersome tho... (Side note: Special characters like "#" can't be in the article, so that needs to be planned for...) Maybe The Lost Dimension: Part 1 (comic story) is simple enough? Lastly, The Lost Dimension should suffice as the main hub page for this series, just like PoT and the past two Titan events. No need to over complicated it with "Event" at the end. (Also, I think the SotC Prologues are fine as they are; no need to mess with 9 pages that don't seem to be a problem.) The preceding unsigned comment was added by LegoK9 (talk • contribs) .

Just gonna point out that the POT debate was derailed by User:CzechOut after pages were moved and created. (See Thread:197794.) Therefore, my advice is to check with CzechOut before continuing with this discussion. Shambala108 01:18, September 9, 2017 (UTC)

If there's one thing I've learned from my short time here, it's not to piss off User:CzechOut... Here's a Panopticon thread on this comic for easier discussion: Thread:224223 (Hey look! I remembered to sign my name for once!) LegoK9 02:11, September 9, 2017 (UTC)
Good idea, forum threads are more visible to the average user than talk pages. Shambala108 02:24, September 9, 2017 (UTC)
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