A Note from The LibrarianEdit

The Darksmith Legacy is a groundbreaking initiative combining printed text and an online experience specifically (but not exclusively) aimed at a younger audience that help promote both reading skills, comprehension skills and a number of other educational values. I understand that the following may be seen as some sort of infringement and if that is the case I will ensure all 'revelations' are removed and I offer my sincerest apologies to the creative team behind the project, no offense was ever intended.
To unlock the various associated levels on the website, four key words from each book are required. The words needed, are listed here NOT as a cheap alternative but to further wet peoples appetite for the series as a whole, and decide to engage in (or one borrowed from their local library free of charge).

  4. RUN / AFTER / THE / ICE
  5. GET/ SAFE / IN / TIME
  6. YOU / ARE / THE / STONE
  7. WE / SAVE / THE / DATA
  8. SHE / TOOK / THE / EYES
  9. tbc
  10. tbc

While on one hand these words qualify as passwords, there is nothing stopping people looking for the words they need for the online content and then heading down to the bookshop to 'browse', or borrowing the book free of charge from their local library. If anyone is that interested in the series I suspect they would be following the stories themselves with their own copy. Please feel free to discuss or use my talk page. Thank You.

Futher to the above, the Doctor Who Adventures magazine printed a code with each new release which enabled access (retrospectively) to further wallpapers. The codes given are;

  1. not applicable
  2. tbc
  3. tbc
  4. B100d
  5. De4th
  6. Plan3t
  7. G1sella
  8. Kra3hok
  9. tbc
  10. tbc

The Librarian 00:54, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

this belongs in The Howling forum. --Stardizzy2 18:11, 18 July 2009 (UTC)
I do not believe this is appropriate for the new Howling as the content on this page supports the main article, and is NOT up for discussion. It was originally contained on the main article but was removed. I felt it worthy of inclusion, and so put it on the discussion page, awaiting a request to remove it (with explanation). None has so far been received and the information will be 'history' in 3 months time when the series ends! The Librarian 21:31, 5 August 2009 (UTC)
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