Cancelled? Retitled?Edit

An anonymous IP added the following. As is was not sourced, I had to remove it:

  • The Dalek project has since been cancelled. Instead, the Graphic novel will be titled "The Only Good Dalek". No plot details have been released.

If someone can provide a source for this, we can put it back. Also, the fact the book never did seem to be released is worth expanding on. Does anyone know what happened? I asked around at a forum and got several different answers. 23skidoo 16:37, March 12, 2010 (UTC)

The Only Good Dalek details, & possibly Dalek Project explanation...Edit

The Only Good Dalek is previewed in the back of the new 11th Doctor novel, Apollo 23 (and presumably the other two new novels as well). It is written by Justin Richards with art from Mike Collins, as The Dalek Project was, though it appears not to be simply a reworking of the story with the 11th Doctor & Amy in it; rather, it's a completely new story.

It's set in the future, on Station 7, in the middle of the human war with the Daleks (possibly some tie-ins to the 10th Doctor novel Prisoner of the Daleks? But that's just my own speculation).

With regards to The Dalek Project being cancelled, if you read the synopsis released by the BBC, it seems to be almost exactly the plot of Victory of the Daleks, except in WWI rather than WWII. It seems Mark Gatiss might have nicked the story from the graphic novel.

It seems strange that no formal announcement has been made about either book, even though the new one is previewed in the new novels.

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