Adams and Saward[edit source]

The TARDIS Wikia may not be as hogtied with policy as the main Wikipedia is, but we still can't come out and make statements like those regarding Douglas Adams and Eric Saward (especially the latter as he is still alive) in the "lost novelisations" section without a source. If this is addressed in the Target Book, then it needs to be sourced as such. Especially when differing accounts exist -- according to an article I read years ago the reason Adams' stories weren't adapted was because Adams wanted to do them himself, but due to Hitchhiker's Guide taking off, either a) no longer had time or b) his price went to high or c) contracts forbade him. That's different than the reason given in the material I deleted. 23skidoo 20:17, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

Numbering & order[edit source]

The current table is a bit of a mess. The numbers for the first 73 novelisations were retroactively applied in alphabetical order and those should be the only numbers used. Also several later books were released out of the number order - Kinda (#84) before Snakedance (#84), Planet of Fire (#93) before The Caves of Androzani (#92) and Vengeance on Varos (#106) was delayed two years and over twenty numbers. I'll have a bash at tidying this up. Timrollpickering 09:45, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

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