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First off, thanks to DENCH-and-PALMER for creating the page. I'm working on this story but it's taking time because, unfortunately, nothing is easy (or what it seams) about The Silver Turk. It took me ages (and two listens) to even persuade myself that the Silver Doctor is a separate entity from the other puppet of the Doctor from the story. In the process of this persuasion, I started questioning everything.

So how do we know the Silver Doctor looks like the Eighth Doctor? We are not given any description of the Silver Doctor's appearance, just his voice. Is it safe to assume that he looks like the Doctor because he is called "Doctor" and has the Doctor's voice? It's tempting, but I now think it is a speculation.

Moreover, I have reasons to believe that it is not true. You see, why is he called "silver"? The Silver Turk was "silver" because he was made of metal, because he looked silver. Most probably, the Silver Doctor is also made of metal. (For the record, it is also a speculation, not to be put on the page itself.) Previously, Stahlbaum was not able to make new legs for the Silver Turk. There is no reason to believe that the Silver Doctor can walk: dancing is missing from the list of his skills. I find it likely, or at least as likely as other alternatives, that Stahlbaum has tried to reproduce his success with the Turk, creating something similar. The Turk was wearing a mask covering his Cyberman face. In a way, there is no reason why the Silver Doctor even has a face other than a mask.

But speculations aside, we just don't know. So I don't think this should be put into puppets of the Doctor category or lookalikes of the Doctor category, maybe soundalike of the Doctor, if such a category exists.

But, as pointed out by Skittles the hog, categories are needed. The least speculative I could come up with was Category:Individual androids. I'm not sure how developed an automaton must be to be called an android. And we have no idea how developed this one is. But it seems the safest of speculations to me.The preceding unsigned comment was added by Amorkuz (talk • contribs) .

I think we can say he's a lookalike of the Doctor. As quoted by you: Oh, no. What a lousy likeness. That hair's a complete joke.
So it is a likeness, or intended to be one. He calls it a lousy likeness, but it must, to some extent, look like him for him to have said that, even if he makes fun of it. It doesn't necessarily look very much like the Doctor, but I'm pretty sure it's intended to be a lookalike.
× SOTO (//) 23:48, January 1, 2016 (UTC)
Sorry for not signing last time.
The problem is that the quote about the lousy likeness is a different android that was destroyed by the Doctor with all the rest of Cyber-Technology. That is a puppet of the Doctor, and he needs a separate page. I explain the problem at some length at the talk page of the story.
And this time I don't forget to sign. This story is, perhaps, one of the more convoluted ones I've seen. Amorkuz 00:10, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
Is it actually stated anywhere, though, that the Silver Doctor is separate from the Doctor puppet? I'm going to assume "Silver Doctor" comes from the script. Some research tells me it's given at the very end, so now I understand your argument a bit better. The Doctor says he destroyed all of them, and yet the Silver Doctor is still there at the end, and must be a new one. Okay. Yeah, we can't deny this is a separate entity to Eighth Doctor (puppet).
As to whether he's necessarily a look alike. Hmm. I'm not sure if we can be sure. This is an odd case because he sounds exactly like the Doctor. But can we infer? Hmm. Are we assuming based on the Silver Turk that he isn't? Because the Silver Doctor could be something different; the Turk didn't talk, after all. If we can't prove he's a lookalike, there's nothing wrong with putting him in category:The Doctor, I suppose, although it would be a bit weird to have a character who appears for probably less than a minute in one story to be direct in the Doctor's category.
I don't see "sound alikes" as a viable category option. It would be stretched to include any characters played by a Doctor actor, regardless of whether or not they were implied or intended to sound like the Doctor in-story. Can you think of any examples besides this one of a valid "sound alike"? Most, but not even all, of the people in the look alike category sound like the Doctor. I think that proposition might fail T:CAT NAME; if it cannot be easily and specifically defined, if there will easily be arguments or disputes over what counts, then that category should not exist..
× SOTO (//) 21:57, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
No, it is not stated that they're different. And after the first listening, it did not even cross my mind they might be different. It is not, however, stated that they are the same either. And Eighth Doctor (puppet) was never called the Silver Doctor (in the play). And for once, the second puppet from the very end is explicitly named the Silver Doctor in the play itself (I would assume also in the script. I actually kept minding asking AdricLovesNyssa to confirm that the script treats them as two separate entities. But I never got around to actually doing that.)
As for the sound-a-like category, I was afraid there are some objections to its creation, so said if it exists, which I guess it isn't. I, however, just discussed this with DENCH-and-PALMER and he seems quite enthusiastic about creating it. I'm not entirely sure he's subscribed to this talk page though. Amorkuz 22:52, January 2, 2016 (UTC)
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