I agree that this needs to be deleted. The Silence is not a species, so no matter what way you look at this, the page title is incorrect. Unnamed species (The Impossible Astronaut) (just an example) would be more acceptable than The Silence (species). D0ct0r11 

I do think this needs to be deleted, but I think it needs to bee re-integrated into the article at the Silence. According to what we know, in-narrative, the Doctor and company did believe — just like we audience members — that the species encountered in DOM was called "the Silence". As things stand today in the broadcast order of DW, the term, The Silence is the mistaken name that the Doctor gave the species, and he was then corrected to understand that the Silence was a religious order. All of that should be on the same page until we get more details that will allow us to intelligently split things up.
czechout@fandom    <span style="">16:48:51 Mon 29 Aug 2011 
I'm going to have to disagree with the deletion.
Firstly, the Silence is a religious order, not the species, so information such as the fact they can influence people through post hypnotic suggestion, or create electricity, would be put in the biological/abilities section of a species article, and doesn't have a place on the religious order page. And it's our job to document these abilities.
Secondly, we shouldn't delete this page just because we don't have a specific name for the species. If it was a minor character that only appeared in one episode, then yes I could see why it would be a hassle to create the page and come up with a name, but for this, it's a major species in series 6, and needs a page. If they had a name, then there would be absolutely no problem with this page existing. So just because we don't have a perfect name we don't have the page? That's a large hole in our policies then.
To delete this page and move the information to the other page would mean adding information there that doesn't belong there, which isn't the correct place for it. If the name of the species is all that is stopping the article from existing then there is a large problem in our policies. Although, I do think The Silence (species) isn't the best suited name for the article. --The Thirteenth Doctor 22:33, August 29, 2011 (UTC)
I think renaming would be a better option than deletion. I agree with The Thirteenth Doctor that the species should have a separate page from the religious order. I also agree with D0ct0r11 that The Silence (species) isn't the best name for the page. However, I think the page should remain as it is until we have a better name to give it.
Aliyoda 22:40, August 29, 2011 (UTC)
It should be called Silent. Both the credits and the action figure toys call a member of the species a "Silent". Tardis1963 23:24, August 29, 2011 (UTC)
You could always just wait the final few weeks to see how things turn out before doing anything. I know there's policies to hold to, and all that jack, but all this will be rendered irrelevant in a few weeks. I would say the most prudent thing to do would be to just leave things as is for now and wait until it's all over.Meganerd18 08:45, August 30, 2011 (UTC)
Well, precisely. That is the policy. That's why all this info should remain on The Silence, because in the narrative we have this species misidentified as "the Silence". The Doctor doesn't know any more than us.
czechout@fandom    <span style="">20:47:28 Tue 30 Aug 2011 
No, but that's what I'm saying! The Silence is for the religious order, so nothing about this species' biology or abilities should be on that page, because that's to do with the species, not the religion. My point is that, if this species had a name on screen then there would be no problem with this page. I just find it rather absurd that we'd let this page, the only place where certain information can be recorded, be deleted just because we don't have an exact name. When there are named individuals of a species, such as Eve, then a species page isn't necessary since abilities and biology can be listed there. Not having this page would mean not listing abilities and biology, which is something we should be listing. --The Thirteenth Doctor 21:40, August 30, 2011 (UTC)
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