Continuity from Heaven Sent Edit

This is to explain why I deleted the continuity mention of TV: Heaven Sent. The points of comparison are: River is cloned here and the original River remembers all that her multiple clones were doing. Neither of the points holds true about the Twelfth Doctor experience in Heaven Sent.

  • He was not cloned. He was teleported and the matrix was stored in the teleporter allowing to complete teleportation multiple times.
  • There was no original Doctor left. The teleported Doctor is the original Doctor every time. While River coexists with her clones, herself being locked away, only one (alive) Doctor exists in the confession dial at a time.
  • River retains the memories of the clones' experience. The Doctor has no memory of what the previous teleportation copies have done. He has to work it out from scratch every time (except for the word clue written in the dust).

These are too dissimilar to mention, IMHO. Amorkuz 09:26, April 15, 2016 (UTC)

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