So I'm rewatching Torchwood for god knows which time.. definitely in the double digits.. Something's been bothering me about "Everything Changes" Why was Torchwood in the hospital in Everything Changes? Gwen sees Jack running up the stairs and follows him up. On average he's about 2 flights of stairs ahead of her until they reach the top at chich point Gwen stops for about a minute to talk to the porter. When she walks to the end of the hall she sees the weevil and Jack, Tosh, Owen and susie are nowhere to be seen. It's not until after the porter gets killed that they all suddenly appear. The porter said the area was all curtained off at 9AM that morning. Seeing how when Gwen follows Torchwood like 5 minutes later, we see Andy eating a sandwich. So I'm assuming that's about lunch time (12ish). My question is this.,.. well questiong.. 1. Why is the weevil wearing a builer suit with "TORCHWOOD" on it? 2. Why was the area curtained off at 9AM? 3. Was Torchwood planning to have Gwen murdered and the Porter blundered in, spoiling their plans? If so.. How could Jack know that she would be in the hospital? 4. Did Jack plan the barroom brawl and pay off a guy to hit Gwen, thereby injuring her? Some things just don't add up.. --Invictus152 09:12, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

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