Nature of the skitEdit

Although I have no issue with this skit being included on the wikia, it is an officially licensed BBC product featuring Daleks (and am grateful for reminding me it exists), I do think what is included needs to be discussed in more detail.

It is taken from the documentary Red Dwarf A-Z (available on the season 2 DVD, as well as on youtube), which went along a general formula of Letter of the alpahabet, interview, Red Dwarf clip to demonstrate what the interviewee had discussed. In this case it went E Exterminate, followed by an 'interview' with two Daleks who mention a specific light bulb joke, and then a clip of said joke. However, as this clip also features dialogue stating "They clearly have technology way in advance of our own", I can see the argument as to why it can be seen as a response to the 'interview', although there is nothing to say whether the light bulb joke was specifically chosen for this reason, or whether it is coincidence.

As such I am wondering if A, the page should be renamed to something like "Red Dwarf A-Z", or "E Exterminate" rather than "Red Dwarf Special" and B, whether or not the four main characters/actors who feature in the clip should actually be credited as they are currently? MadeIndescribable 12:25, April 3, 2019 (UTC)

I agree, Red Dwarf A-Z would be a more proper name for this page. TheHornerman 2:48, October 27, 2019 (UTC)
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