The Dr Who paintbox still exists :o) Edit

Hi there, just thought I'd get intouch to let you know that the paintbox that was used in Dr Who still exists :o) How do I know this? Well, it's sitting, complete, next to me, although, slightly dead (under repair). If you want to get intouch about it, I'm at I also have a YouTube channel 'RetroGamerVX' where I've been putting videos about it's restoration :o)

Best regards


↑ Often on DVD special features, interviewees or info text writers unfamiliar with special effects will also refer to this system as just Quantel or "the Quantel", This is not, however, a terribly accurate way of referring to it, as Quantel is the company name, and they made more than just Paintbox.

Often they actually mean the Quantel DPE5000, which main use is scaling and tumbling around elements on screen. In Leisure Hive they likely used that, not the Paintbox. Even before that they had used DFS3000 since City of Death, which is basically just a frame store, but when the output was mixed with the original signal, could generate the howlaround-like trail effect also seen in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy episode 2.

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