5.3 Factual correction--Birthdate Edit

The wikia previously had Naoko Mori's birthdate listed as 19 November.
However, according to various other sources, including her own Twitter post her birthday is actually 29 November.

I have (successfully) edited the entry in her personal information on here, but the other issue is the two "date" pages 29 November (people) which my edit correctly links to, though she still needs her name added to the list and 19 November (people) which needs her deleted.
Both these pages are protected against editing, otherwise I'd do it myself. Side Quest Publications 00:26, November 24, 2014 (UTC) SideQuestPublications

Per Tardis:Valid sources, an actor is not a valid source for information about him/herself. What are your other sources? Shambala108 22:03, November 23, 2014 (UTC)
Oops, sorry about that.
I assume this one falls under the "blog posts" even for numerical data like her birthdate? Seeing as Tardis:Valid sources doesn't actually mention the actors themselves with regard to real-world articles, except as regarding taking a neutral stance on actor opinions.
Odd, though, considering the "broader point" cited on Tardis:Valid sources is that "blogs and forum posts are often simply wrong" and I would think she knows her own birthday better than anyone, but if you say so.... Unless the wiki is taking the "if we do it for her, we'd have to do it for everyone" stance, which I suppose I could understand.
As for other sources, I of course can't include Wikipedia, but there is this Global Casting article that did an interview and profile on her that includes a mention of when she was born towards the bottom, but I could only access it via the Wayback Machine (old article) and through Google Translate
Or IMDB also lists the 29 November birthdate. Don't know where they got their information from, so I don't know if that qualifies.
If you don't mind me asking--I'm still quite new at this and even after reading through the various necessary documents it's still possible to miss things (like my signature)--but what is the source of the original data on her... that is, of her birthday supposedly being on 19 Nov?
Seeing as the only mention I can find of that is on assorted fan sites and user-edited wiki-type sites, ergo invalid sources....
Side Quest Publications 00:26, November 24, 2014 (UTC) Side Quest Publications
Actually, the very last paragraph of Tardis:Valid sources deals with the question of using actors as sources for info about themselves. In addition, Wikipedia and IMDB are not valid sources because they can be edited by anyone.
As for the original info, you can look at the page history and see who originally posted that date, but it's a long history and a bit tedious to search. What has happened here is that you've come across a common situation on the wiki. We have a lot of rules, and most users don't know all of them, so they violate policy here and there, and while we try to correct what we can, some stuff slips through the cracks.
In a nutshell, the policy for birth dates is they shouldn't be allowed on the page unless they are sourced with a valid source. However, that policy came about after dozens, maybe hundreds, of pages had birthdates added, so a lot of them still have the unsourced birthdates. It's a bit of a mess that isn't easy to clean up.
It does look like one source you cited here, the Global casting one, might be ok. We might give that a try, and if you aren't sure how to add a source on the page, let me know. It would be better to include the date in the body of the article, since we don't like to include footnotes in the infoboxes. Shambala108 05:31, November 24, 2014 (UTC)
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