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When I encountered it, this article had the following note, which I've removed:

  • It's ridiculously out of character for the Doctor and Jamie to be trying to profit, to say nothing of the obvious recklessness of meddling in the technological development of a civilization.

That's a very contentious statement, in my view. First of all, this story is perfectly in character for the way that the Second Doctor is depicted by Polystyle. Troughton's Doc is regularly seen as being on television, in newspapers, and on game shows. He's a genuine celebrity who, according to Polystyle, begins his exile on Earth by living at Carlton Grange Hotel, a posh London address which would have required plenty of cash. The dude is a bit of a rock star. I can think of at least six stories which depend on this "flashy" Second Doctor.

As for "meddling in the technological development of a civilization" — well, this is Doctor Who, not Star Trek. It is a regular feature of Doctor Who that the Doctor intervenes in the "natural" development of Earth in order to save it. The very act of exiling the Doctor to Earth was a timeline-altering decision by the Time Lords. The only thing Doctor Who has ever promised — excepting 1964 and 1965 — is that there are "fixed points in time" that must never be tampered with. Aside from a brief flirtation in The Aztecs and maybe The Time Meddler, Doctor Who has never really pushed anything even close to the Prime Directive in its narrative.
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