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The FlashbacksEdit

Do we not include the flashbacks from the "How many people have died in your name" scene? I've tried to edit River Song`s page in the past to include her flashback appearance in this episode but it has always been quickly undone. However, many other pages such as; the Face of Boe, Chantho, Ursula Blake, Colin Skinner, Bridget Sinclair, Robert MacLeish and many others include this appearance whereas others such as; Lynda Moss, Jabe, Jenny and Luke Rattigan, don`t include this appearance.

If we don`t include flashbacks then it is odd to see that the Face of Boe has Utopia listed as an appearance too. Others such as; Lobus Caecilius and Donna Noble also include their the Girl Who Died flashback appearance. The preceding unsigned comment was added by TazminDaytime (talk • contribs) .

Not sure what this is about. The user in question has never edited the River Song page, and if it was done under another name or IP, I couldn't find it with a quick search, and I'm not about to spend a lot of time looking for it. Shambala108 01:38, April 7, 2019 (UTC)
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