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Was the Solitract the enemy of the episode? I didn't really interpret it that way. --Borisashton 19:59, December 2, 2018 (UTC)

While it wasn't intending to do so, it should still be considered the antagonist in a similar way to Nanogenes (just serving their function badly) or the Crooked Man, the Solitract still nearly ended two universes due to it's want to learn more. StevieGLiverpool 23:29, December 25, 2018 (UTC)
Please stop searching for enemies. When a child dips a smartphone in water, you do not call it an enemy because it did not mean any harm. Neither should you call enemies the crooked man or Solitract because neither intended any harm and both came to terms with the Doctor.
Calling every person we do not understand our enemy is exactly opposite Doctor Who ideology. The Doctor always tries to understand and give a last chance. The Doctor does not go around spreading blame and punishing their enemies. Accordingly, the field for "main enemy" should be used with discretion and sparingly. It is not required for every story. For many stories, trying to fill out this field is tantamount to trivialising the story and undermining the intent of the author.
Take, for instance, Fear Her. It is a story about the loss of family, about loneliness, about trying to connect with another being. The most harm comes from Isolus, but they simply want a friend. The Doctor does not hold it against them. Neither do we. But people insist on having an enemy, and Chloe Webber's father is put in the field. He is just a materialised memory, a reproduction easily willed away. To my mind, presenting Fear Her as primarily a fight against him is downright misleading. And that is where the search for enemies often leads, to misrepresenting what the story is about. Amorkuz 09:55, December 26, 2018 (UTC)
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