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  • The DJ's dedication establishes the first in a set of clues that the Doctor sends himself in the series.

The DJ: (garbled) music lovers and here's a special message for Susan Foreman and not least of all her friend, the mighty Cedric. And this is from, well our geezey here says, he's a doctor. (Laughs) Wait a mo, he says he is THE DOCTOR. Now how impressive is that listeners? Now...wonder what's in his casebook...? And he hopes you're having a real groovy time in the swinging sixties. Miniskirts and Telstars, Steve Zodiac and Fireball XL5, Flower Power and Woodstock...Flower power? Woodstock? What's he talking about? Hey Sue, maybe your friend is a tiny bit...(laughs) spaced out?...if you know what I mean.

And let's see what your trippy friend has got to say to you, Sue. What's this? Something about the Beatles never catching on with all those soppy love songs?

Hey! I think your friend has gone a too bit far here, Sue. We all dig that Mersey beat around here. But, each to his own, I guess. Now, what else has he got to say? Looks like it's a message from Boy Cedric! It's blowing in the wind, Cedric. Whatever that might be... And remember, it's all in the beat. Don't let Cedric forget that Sue, he says. The Doc says, It's all in the beat. Oh, and he wants you to enjoy your coffee at Rosa's too. (laughs) Well, we sure get some crazies here from time to time, but that's 1/2 the fun. And now here's another one from everyone's fab favs, The Beatles! And remember to tune in on Tuesday evening when we'll have a whole hour devoted to our lovable Merse...

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