Speculation and supposed real world creep[edit source]

Is any of this salvageable for an in-universe page? It seems to be speculation based on a history which is obviously not the same as the real-world development (what with Scaroth, the Silence and so forth). Who places it? Who assigns it? Why would humanity's birth be a signficant role in the galaxy? Where does 10 billion come from? Is that referring to the unsourced the Chelonian thing? -- Tybort (talk page) 17:52, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

Assignments of its beginning date vary, though many place it circa 200,000 BC, when modern Homo sapiens first appeared on Earth. However, it is possible that the Humanian Era began when mankind started to develop space travel, according to the War Lords. (TV: The War Games)
The Humanian Era ended around 10 billion, when Earth had long since been destroyed by its expanding sun. (TV: The Ark, The End of the World) At this time, other races, such as the Chelonians, had begun competing for dominance with the human race, which had by then spread out rather thinly across the universe.
The exact relation between this period and the Rassilon Era, specifically whether they ran in succession or overlap, is uncertain. The TARDIS' navigational system made reference to both. (TV: Doctor Who)
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