The Ironside AdvanceEdit

The information below was on the article along with a cleanup tag relating to this information. The Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011 is unclear whether this is a narrative or just presentation in-article of history in an alternate universe. Until it can be confirmed placing the info here.

In an alternate timeline, Truman became President much earlier, before 1942. After Churchill's Ironsides saved the American Navy from the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour. Truman bestowed the Medal of Honor on them. He agreed to aid the British in the war effort. Two months later, the allied forces marched on Berlin and the Nazi regime was broken. In summer 1942, the allies met in a secret bunker underneath Washington, D.C. With no common enemy to fight, relations between the Soviets, Anglo-American amity were breaking down and the centre of the debate was the Ironsides. Neither Truman nor Stalin were keen to leave such powerful weapons to the British Army alone, but the Ironsides' insistence that they never relocate from the United Kingdom left Churchill no choice but to agree to their destruction. It took the United States nearly a year to refine the nuclear technology to destroy Professor Bracewell's creations and, in an operation broadcast live across the globe, the first test of the atom-bomb took place on 7 February 1943 on the Isle of Man, the blast vapourising the Ironsides. (DWAN: Doctor Who The Official Annual 2011)

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