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Just to make clear, the picture at right is a publicity image. It does not come from Galaxy 4 itself. T:DWUP prevents its usage as the main illustration for this story. Now that "Air Lock" has been found, we will be able, probably sometime later this year, to get a clear in-universe shot of this alien. In the meantime, please do not use this image in the infobox. In fact, there's not really a reason to change the infobox pic from File:OneAndTheDrahvins.jpg, since that illustrates the story well enough. Remember, it's the Drahvins who are the enemy of the piece, not the Rill.
czechout@fandom   01:57: Fri 06 Jan 2012 

The reason I changed things around was so that each episode had a screenshot, so there was a reason to change the infobox pic. Please don't assume that changes were made without thought. Thanks for pointing out the policy -- I didn't know about it. Proteus71 talk to me 03:30, January 6, 2012 (UTC)
What about on the Rill page? Surely it can't go there either? (Which it currently is) Tardis1963 talk 04:10, January 6, 2012 (UTC)
Well, I wasn't presuming anything, nor addressing my comments to anyone in particular. Didn't even know who introduced the pic. I was just leaving a general note for posterity, to distinguish this picture from others that will inevitably come after "Air Lock" is released in full. That said, I'm not quite understanding your rationale. It's not possible to have a pic for every single episode of DW, because, yanno, some of the missing episodes have no telesnaps. I personally think it's better to have no pic than to falsely represent a pic, like file:Chumbley.jpg as being in ep 2, when in fact it was in ep 1, nowhere near the cliffhanger.
As for Tardis1963's question, Rill.jpg shouldn't be the infobox illustration at Rill. I think it was there just because there seemed absolutely no hope of ever getting an in-universe pic of a Rill. Now that we know we'll have one, the publicity image should be taken down at some point.
czechout@fandom   06:19: Fri 06 Jan 2012 
I've replaced the infobox pic on Rill with Airlock.jpg, and moved the publicity shot to elsewhere on the page. Another question regarding Rill though - the novelisation of Galaxy 4 is used as a souce there, and I have a feeling info from Target novelisations needs to be relegated to "Behind the scenes". Should a cleanup tag be added noting that that needs to be changed? Tardis1963 talk 06:47, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

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I have moved the uncredited cast to this page until they can be properly sourced (not IMDB). Shambala108 00:49, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

The TheEdit

"This is the last story until the release of Spearhead from Space (also directed by Derek Martinus) over four years later not to feature 'the' in the title." So what about Mission to the Unknown? Are you counting that as part of "The Daleks' Master Plan"? It's also directed by Derek Martinus if that helps.

And does no-one remember Fury from the Deep? to me 10:19, October 19, 2018 (UTC)

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