Why are we preferencing "Untitled" rather than the actual name the story gives?
czechout@fandom   04:12: Fri 27 Apr 2012 

Anyone got an answer for this yet? It would be better if we could, if possible, use a real name rather than Untitled.
czechout@fandom    17:18: Wed 24 Apr 2013
No clue. If it was named at any point we go with the name. Especially because we have a lot of paintings that don't have a title. Makes this a bit confusing. Anoted 22:42, April 24, 2013 (UTC)
Well, no, it's not quite as simple as that. The difficulty is that the painting was actually named Untitled before getting a different name. So the question is about preferencing one name over another, not choosing to go with a name versus no name.
czechout@fandom    00:20: Thu 25 Apr 2013
Ahh, actually named Untitled as opposed to simply referred to as Untitled. That is a difference. However I'd still go with Factor Eleven on the Oddness Scale. It's just as valid a name, there's nothing that says we have to chose someone or something's first name. They're both valid, and one is more unique. So let's go with the unique one and make it very clear in the article that this is a name that was acquired later on in life and that previously it had been named Untitled. The article needs to make it clear that both Untitled and Factor Eleven... are valid names for the painting and when we refer to it in articles we should use whichever proper name is accurate for the time. The only reason I can see not to use Factor Eleven as a name, is if Untitled has been a name for a long period of real world time and Factor Eleven has not. Meaning that if in multiple episodes, books or comics, the painting was referred to as Untitled and we only got the Factor Eleven name in one or two places. Then I'd hold off until it was clear that the painting would keep appearing and it was going to keep appearing as Factor Eleven. But since that's not what's going on here I'm all for the more unique name being the title. Anoted 02:13, April 26, 2013 (UTC)
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