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Infobox image Edit

I have re-added the image File:Davros.jpg to the infobox for this article. In the interest of preventing edit wars, the reason is explained here. Any replacement of this image with file:DavrosJE1.jpg or similar images will be reverted.

We have certain rules for infobox images, some of which you can read at Tardis:Guide to images. One of the rules is that the infobox image must be representative of the story/character/location, etc. In this particular case, Davros has appeared in more of the classic episodes than those of NuWho, so the image of the older version is more appropriate, as User:OttselSpy25 stated in his edit summary.

For similar examples, you can check out the articles for Ice Warrior and Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

The current image is the best possible image currently available, but it doesn't quite satisfy all our guidelines for infobox images. If someone uploads a more tightly cropped image of the classic era Davros, it can be posted here for consideration. Also, images of Davros from the current series (and series 4 of course) are allowed anywhere else on the page. Shambala108 01:38, September 29, 2015 (UTC)